Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Training

Since my last blog update, the engineers successfully completed the construction of the bridge. It will be a huge help to everyone in my community with the upcoming rainy season. They were here a total of just over two weeks. They lead the project and various members of the community helped with the labor. It was a very successful community effort. I did what I could to help translate for the engineers who could not speak Spanish and did a little bit of the construction work.

These last two weeks have been spent back in training. It is nice seeing others from my training class again and catching up with the different adventures we have going on in different parts of the country. This training session is more techincal. We have learned things about our specific programs that we are working under.

Next week I will have three days of Spanish language training and then be back in my site where I hope to begin some projects.

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  1. Doing great things, Andrew, and I am sure the Spanish language skills are almost perfect by now. Miss you!