Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Training Family

We arrived in El Salvador on Wednesday. Me along with the other Trainees stayed in a hotel the first two nights and attended seminars in the office in San Vicente. I really like my training class. Everybody is very kind and friendly.

Yesterday, Friday the 21st I moved in with the host family I will be staying with for the next two months. I am about a ten minute bus ride from San Vicente. My host family is very kind. There is only a husband and wife. They have two dogs and two baby kitten. There are four other volunteers living in my community. We have language classes in the mornings, then in the afternoon we will be working on small projects to improve our community during the next eight weeks. It is going to give us good hands on training before we are sent out on our own as volunteers in March. Also, twice a week the trainees in my community will meet with the other trainees in my class and attend more seminars in San Vicente. We also have some field trips coming up.

Everyday has new challenges. It is difficult living in a commnity where I can not communicate with the people perfectly. I want to make more conversation with my host family, but my spanish level is pretty low. I am studying in the evenings after dinner to try and learn as much as I can. I miss everyone. I´ll talk to you soon.


  1. Thanks for the update Andrew! We have been thinking about you constantly and wondering how you are doing. Sounds like you are off to a great start! We are sure the language skills will come very quickly and the people there understand and will be patient with you. We have lots of questions, but we won't go into them here, so check your e-mail when you can! Love you and miss you, Mom & Joel.

  2. thinking about you and look forward to reading your blog. I will share with Tom, Kelly, Megan and Matt too! God bless you Andrew!

  3. Glad you are doing well and arrived okay! Looking forward to reading more and send me a letter when you get a chance! :]

    miss you!!

  4. I subscribed to your RSS feed, so I can keep track of your posts. Good Luck and Stay Safe!

  5. Hi Andrew!!

    Sounds like a gr8 adventure!! SO happy for u! WAS going 2 delete my blog, but NOT now!:) I'm sure ure host fam wants to learn English as well!! They're VERY lucky 2 have u! *muah*