Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Site

My new site is very nice. It is in the mountains so it can get really hot, really early. So far I have been working with the community group and attending their meetings. I have also been going around talking with different organizations, the school, NGOs, the mayor´s office etc. And I have also been going and talking to different houses in the community. I do about 5 a day and am delighted to slowly work my way into knowing the community and introducting myself. My  first two months are all about getting to know the community. I will be able to start projects as soon as I have the community´s trust and know exactly what potential projects could be.

My new host family is great. My host Dad works with the community group and my host mom owns a shop and runs it out of her house. I have a host brother and sister who are around my age. It is nice hanging out with them when I am at home. All of my host family is very kind and welcoming.

"The contents on this website are my opinion and not the views of the United States Peace Corps."

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  1. Glad to hear you are off to a good start. We are anxious to see more photos when you have a chance to post some. Miss you and love you!